What My Clients Have To Say

Naturopathy & Nutrition can help with the below health conditions:

Lisa C, from Sydney

For the last 20 years I have had real gut issues, but no idea how to tackle them. I thought I tried everything, but after seeing many other healthcare practitioners I found Helen. She changed my life. FOR REAL! Since following Helens recommended nutrition and lifestyle changes, I am now free from bloat and have new and vibrant energy. She targeted the issue head-on rather than using a band-aid approach. Helen even supplied me with loads of ideas, a menu plan and a new way of thinking. She is an absolute rock-star and provides loads of love and support. Not to mention my envious husband wanted to feel good too so is now seeing her! Thank you Helen!

Jane P, from Sydney

I went to see Helen last week to address a few health issues I was having (low energy, restless sleep). I was impressed before I even attended the appointment as I filled out a questionnaire and was asked to bring in blood work results, so by the time I saw her, she had already done a lot of preparation. Helen was very personable, friendly, and professional. During the entire appointment I felt I was learning a lot of practical tips to improve my health and the reasons for making a few changes in what I was doing. It’s only been a week of the diet changes and herbal remedies, and a coworker has commented that I look refreshed, and I know I’m sleeping better. I really cannot recommend her enough.

Josh P, from Sydney

If you’re reading this then one way or another there’s something wrong with you and you are looking for a solution. Be it illness, energy levels, low immunity, injury etc. So to save you time, stop reading and make an appointment to see Helen right now. You won’t regret it. If you need further convincing, feel free to read on. I consulted Helen seeking help with a general illness. From the first phone call to diagnosis and treatment, Helen was the ultimate friendly professional. Treating not only the illness but the person, Helen talked with me, and not at me (like many other health professionals can do). I felt like her process was more of an education rather than a consultation. So to go back to the top, if for any reason you feel you may need to see a health professional, Helen should be your first call.