General Nutritional Advice & Acute Care Consultations

Nutrition is the foundation of human health. Food, its nutrients and our diets all affect our health and wellbeing. Nutritional medicine views food, diet and nutritional supplements from a therapeutic potential. In a nutritional medicine consultation you will be prescribed dietary advice and nutritional supplements to assist in the treatment of your general health concerns. As there is often confusing and conflicting health advice in the media, I can provide clarity to some of your healthy eating & dietary concerns. This style of consultation is short, and is suited to general health concerns and acute situations such as colds & flus. If you have a specific health concern that requires a more extensive assessment and treatment, I recommend you book a longer Naturopathic consultation.


Goals of Nutritional Therapy:

  • To optimize nutrition status, immunity, fertility and overall wellbeing of an individual.
  • To prevent specific nutrient deficiencies be it relative or constitutional.
  • Reduce inflammation and regulate gene expression.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of conventional medical treatments, as part of an integrated health-care model.
  • To minimize health care cost.

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