Naturopathy Consultations include:

  • Extensive review of your current and past medical history
  • Naturopathic strategy and treatment plan
  • Detailed nutritional program
  • Personalised supplement and herbal medicine recommendation based on your individual health concerns

As a naturopath I love to use herbal and nutritional medicine to promote the healing of acute or chronic conditions. These address any imbalance in the body and support self-healing and the return to good health. The length of your treatment can depend on various factors including how long an illness or symptoms have been active, your age, current lifestyle choices and overall state of health. Every person is different so each treatment is different and prescribed to support you as an individual. Diet and lifestyle coaching is included to support long-term changes, which will keep you going and maintain that good health! Remember you are the most important person in this plan and the ability to return to good health is essentially run by you!


During the initial visit, a thorough case history is taken which includes details of current and past health conditions, and a review of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors which may influencing your health status. If functional pathology (blood tests, salivary hormones, hair mineral analysis) is required this will be discussed at the appointment.

Following your appointment, and with all the relevant information we will design an individual treatment & health care plan. Your treatment plan is used to ensure optimal health is achieved effectively and efficiently. You will be prescribed all or one of the following – dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements/tonics and any lifestyle recommendations that enhance your health and wellbeing.
This style of consultation is extensive, and is suited to all types health concerns. It can range from simple digestive disorders such as bloating and abdominal pain to diagnosed conditions such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, reproductive disorders, mental health illnesses such as depression and much more.

Please bring with you any recent pathology (i.e. blood test results), medication or natural supplements/vitamins/herbal medicines you are currently taking.

Please note: Medication you have been prescribed by a medical practitioner will not be discontinued or replaced without further consultation with the prescribing medical professional.

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