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Grain-free Chocolate Cake

This cake is a grain-free chocolate delight, made using almond meal (so is perfect for any of you gluten free, wheat free beauties out there). Using nut flour in the place of wheat flour means this cake is naturally lower in carbohydrates, and higher in protein (especially with 3 eggs added in the mix!) .

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Berry Crumble

Berries, berries, and more berries…. Not only do they taste divine, they also top of the list when it comes to powerful antioxidants. This means they help fight the damaging effects of alcohol, stress, poor diet, and highly processed & refined foods. We could all use a dose of these once in a while, right?!

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Sesame Prawn & Noodles with Orange Dressing

Prawns are a great source of protein and like other fish and shellfish, are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids – essential fatty acids your body does not produce. Omega-3s can reduce inflammation and your risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis, as well as help with brain function. Combine these fabulous prawns with sesame

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Banana and Chocolate Smoothie

The combination of banana, almond butter, cacao, avocado, chia and coconut water in this smoothie makes it perfect for breakfast, or an afternoon pick-me-up. Hell, its actually great for any time of the day. Bananas contain fibre, almond butter gives you a healthy dose of good fats and protein, cacao is choca block (pardon the

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