Author Helen Ridge

Grain-free Chocolate Cake

This cake is a grain-free chocolate delight, made using almond meal (so is perfect for any of you gluten free, wheat free beauties out there). Using nut flour in the place of wheat flour means this cake is naturally lower in carbohydrates, and higher in protein (especially with 3 eggs added in the mix!) .

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Berry Crumble

Berries, berries, and more berries…. Not only do they taste divine, they also top of the list when it comes to powerful antioxidants. This means they help fight the damaging effects of alcohol, stress, poor diet, and highly processed & refined foods. We could all use a dose of these once in a while, right?!

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Mama Nourishment – What do we need?

Although pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful and natural process, it puts enormous strain on your body and depletes you of much needed nutrients. The body requires energy to heal after birth, and with significant blood loss –  iron and other nutrients must be replaced. Most new mums are too busy looking after their new

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